Twenty Two [Week 4 - Expressing Anxiety]

Hey Tania,
Thanks for tackling this hard subject with me this week. As you know, I've been going through some craziness recently  - lots of anxiety and some depression surrounding a personal relationship. 
My dear friend, Rorie, has been incredibly supportive these past few days and encouraged me to take pictures when I'm feeling like I can't control "the crazy". She knows me better than anyone, and has been comforting me by helping me understand that I'm not the only one who goes through feelings like this.

Earlier in the week, I took a long walk just to photograph. I'm embarrassed to admit I can't remember the last time I did this. It's really the way I originally fell in love with photography. I would wander through nature and architecture near my childhood home in Ithaca, noticing small details and expansive scenes.
This time, though I was thinking about stress, I felt comforted along my walk. I noticed things coming together (water & dirt, trees & sky, lightness and darkness) and photographed those quite a bit. 


Since I've never experienced anxiety this way before, I've never really photographed as a means of therapy. Even though I'm not sure what these photographs mean yet, I'm glad to have an outlet to express this inner turmoil, which at times feels uncontrollable.
Some of these photos function in very similar ways, and in a tighter edit I would certainly remove a few, but I wanted to share all of these with you this week.

Much Love,

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