Australia (Part 2)

So, we've been here a full week. A week of reading books, playing cards, taking walks, sipping coffee, taking naps, applying sunscreen, prawn fishing, more walks, sipping gin, more cards, and lots of eating. 

A few highlights:

We flew for 17 hours from Los Angeles to Melbourne. LOTS of movies.


We arrived at 8am local time, and I somehow managed to stay up all day until about 9pm. We got loopy toward the end, for sure. Giggling like punchy little kids.  


I ordered Iced Coffee and was given cold coffee with ice cream floating in it! Drank the whole thing anyway, of course. Maybe they know my birthday is coming up...


We took a long sunny walk (actually a few). 


Walked near the Yarra River. 


Went kangaroo spotting! (And ate some kangaroo as well, shh) 


I've been taking TONS of photos that I'll share once I return and get some editing time with my computer. Only brought my phone and iPad here, and am enjoying spending very little time in front of screens.  


We visited an art museum at Federation Square in downtown Melbourne.  


And then spent 3 days at Lake Tyers Beach, where I discovered the softest sand, the greenest beach forest, and a very natural talent for prawn fishing. 


We've got 2 more days in Melbourne before we hop on another plane. Today we're sipping iced long blacks (americano) and heading to Victoria Market. Later we'll relax by the pool and I'll probably finish my second book for the week.  

Finishing up today's breakfast: