Twenty Two [Week 2 - Home: Objects]

Dear T,
Though I had promised myself I was going to write and post my own work before reading and looking at yours, I have to admit I cheated. I love the fact that you cherish some simple, beautiful objects, and that they hold so much significance to you. 
The connections you hold between objects and people strikes me, and I feel similarly about some of the things in my home and space.

Here are a few of my favorites. I love them because they hold memories for me, usually memories of loved ones, family, and other people. They serve as gentle reminders that though I may not be physically surrounded by all the folks I love, that I am enveloped by their influence always, especially in my home. 


An antique photograph of my mother's parents in their young, romantic years. It's sweet to imagine the playful adventures and life they shared before building a family. There's something so magical about the love between two people, just two, sometimes. 
The small stone next to the photograph is one I picked up on a beach walk about a month ago. I've been exploring my personal faith recently, and was spending time discussing religion, God, the universe (you know, all the simplest things in life) with a friend. This rock reminds me of that day and of the fact that no matter how small I may feel, I do matter. The smooth, yet heavy way this rock rests in my hand helps me feel the idea that with experience and a little battering comes wisdom and strength. 


A bouquet of white roses my father (your Uncle Scott) gave to me as congratulations on my most recent Art Opening. I'm postponing putting them in the compost, despite their decay. I find them almost more beautiful now than on the day he gave them to me - they seem almost frozen in time, lifeless, yet beautifully peaceful. 


A multicolored, braided rug that Grandpa Billings was famous for weaving by hand. I wonder if you have one (or more?) of these in your studio and house. We keep ours by the front door, so he's always the first to greet us upon entering. I've carried this rug with me to every home I've lived in.


Our "Love Note Box" which Cam painted and decorated for me as a gift a few months after we started dating. We leave each other sweet notes and messages to find at our leisure. I love the fact that it's handmade by a person I cherish so much.


You know these folks : ] 
Our beloved, late Grandparents, Roswell and Betty. It's hard to believe Gram has been gone for over a year now, and that it's been 10 since Grandpa passed. Recognizing myself in this version of the world, the one in which they don't exist, has been difficult. I love the metaphor of this photograph - it speaks to the fact that I'm finding myself with their guidance, though they're not physically or verbally advising me. 


Last but not least, Art! 
I cover my space in artwork no matter where I live. Some is my own work, others are pieces made by friends, some are posters and pages from books, postcards, snapshots.
This is my first view each morning when I roll out of bed. Art comforts me and reminds me to push myself intellectually and creatively. 

I really like the idea of our readers contributing ideas for future projects. Hello out there!! What should Tania and I focus on next, photographically, conceptually, emotionally? What would you like to see from us?

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T - I know it's only been two weeks, but I already feel more connected to your life. I love going through my week with the thought that you're navigating similar themes and questions as me, day by day. 
I also love that today is the 22nd. 

All my love,