Crooked Sticks (not your average screen-printers)

Sometimes you make an acquaintance at a random college party.
Sometimes, 2 years later, said acquaintance becomes a player in your community network of creative activism.
Enter : Sebastian Margaglio

Through a collaboration with 3 friends, Sebastian created and recently launched Crooked Sticks Apparel. As a team, this up and coming group designs and creates hand-printed apparel, sells it to us, and then donates part of the proceeds directly to charity. 


They're awesome and smart. But don't take it from me. Read up:

"Crooked Sticks exists for the sole purpose of helping those in need. We want to build a community of like-minded people and organizations aimed at utilizing sustainable business for the betterment of people. By donating from our profit margins, we turn our customers into backers, providing new ways to donate to charities without increasing prices."

Read more on their Website and Like them on Facebook!

Read about the Charities they've partnered with. I particularly love the fact that I can designate exactly where my donation goes - Choose Your Own Adventure? I think, Yes.


Oh, and when you're checking out of the Shop with all those cozy, hand-made goodies in your cart, use the Promo Code below.

From me (and Crooked Sticks) to you, with love.

Promo Code: BILLINGS


Happy Wednesday!