For the past several weeks since I graduated from RIT, I've been searching every website, store, and supplier for a camera to call my own. I've loved the Canon 5D Mark ii for quite a while - in fact, it became my shooter of choice at the RIT cage (next to the Phase One with a Leaf back, but really, let's not go there. $30,000 camera, see you in my dreams). 

I was so ready yesterday to finally take the leap and buy my own Mark ii, that I sent a text to my dear friend Nadya: "Tell Kurt (her videographer boyfriend) I'm about to hit the buy button on my camera", to which she responded "WAIT NOT YET, HOW MUCH ARE YOU PAYING?" (yes, with the caps) 

As the universe would have it (since it likes to line things up beautifully every once in while) Kurt had decided about a week ago to try and sell his Mark ii to save for a different camera body. His was working fine, but he no longer needed the specs it offered, and was ready for something new. 

Sooooooo! Here we are! Me and my beautiful new addition, waking up slowly on a Friday to a hot, homemade cappuccino, some beautiful sunlight, and a quiet house. Perfect for playing, if you ask me. 

One problem: The camera has yet to be named, so if you have any ideas feel free to oblige me. I think she's a girl...or a boy. What is gender anyhow? She's a girl and a boy, for all I say!