100 Questions

A few weeks ago I took a 4 day writing retreat upstate with my badass friend Laura Newman. We wrote, read, laughed, danced, did yoga, drank coffee, took long walks, and slept late. 

While away, I did a writing exercise:
Write down 100 questions. Any question will do. 
Spend time choosing the 10 questions that stand out most.
Organize the top 10 questions in order of importance to you.

Here's what I discovered:

10. Which side of the pillow?
9. Why do I feel guilty when I do what I want?
8. How will I know?
7. Who invented monogamy?
6. Why do we argue?
5. Do successful people feel successful?
4. Who much do I not know about?
3. Who do we think we are?
2. Am I profound enough - enough of the time?
1. What is the quietest sound?

Exercise sourced from the book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day by Michael J Gelb