Twenty Two [A Creative Collaboration Between Two Cousins] this thing on? 

Dearest Tania, 
I'm beyond thrilled to begin this creative journey with you, far away, but by your side.. It will become an experience which, I hope, supplies us both with many opportunities for incredible growth, questioning, challenge, and all the other amazing crap that art-making throws our way on a regular basis.
I can't wait to see your first photos next week, and to gain a more full understanding of what home  means to you. 

For those of you out there reading, welcome to the birth of a collaborative project with my lovely, photographer-genius cousin, Tania Palermo. I wrote about her new studio (now 6 months old!) and creative work a few months back - refresh your memory if need be. She'll be posting for this project on her own blog, so check out her website and Facebook page!

Tania and I have toyed with the idea of making photographs together for a while now, but have only recently decided to take the plunge! We'll make photographs each week with a similar idea or theme in mind  - this week we're focusing on a sense of place, and how we identify with the idea of home . We'll post each Friday with a few photos and a little bit of writing (if we're feelin' it). 
We're calling this project Twenty Two because we're born 22 years apart, and thus have experienced vastly different childhoods, eras, social and political movements, cultures, and so on. I'm currently 22 and Tania is 44, exactly double my age. What better time to start this project, right?
Though we're first cousins, we really didn't spend much time together as children (location, age difference, upbringing) so I'm especially thrilled to learn about and love Tania more deeply while we develop together creatively. It's sure to be a bumpy ride, but...isn't it always?


Check back next Friday for our first photographs!  

Snap On, T!
Love, L