Event: Trigger Warning at Rochester Brainery

You're Invited! 

In 2010, my best friend was raped on her college campus. Her rape was devastating to me on many levels, and caused me to begin questioning a subject, sexual assault, that I had never before given enough thought.
In an effort to answer some of my own personal questions, I began making photographs about her rape and about the prevalence of rape worldwide.
In 2011, these photographs became a formalized project and organization:
Trigger Warning.
Through this work, I allow myself to continue asking questions about sexual violence each and every day. 

It's time for communities and individuals to have critical conversations about rape and its affects on each one of us, and on our society. Trigger Warning creates space for these conversations.
Please join me on November 1st in celebration of this important work-in-progress. I can't wait to share Trigger Warning with you!

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First Friday
November 1st, 3013
Rochester Brainery (Village Gate)

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