Twenty Two - Show & Tell


I am so so late! I know we scheduled to post two weeks ago and things have just been insanely busy and I've been traveling and just ahhh! So many things. I apologize.

I loved your post, especially the images of the stormy landscapes. There's just something about an overcast sky. For all you lovely readers, here's Tania's most recent post!

And now. For some images of my own. I'm feeling really scatterbrained about what photos I've even made recently, but here goes!

All of these shots were taken from the roof of my apartment building. I love being up there while the sun sets, especially if I can be alone. Sometimes I stretch and do yoga, other times I read a book and unwind with a beer. It's incredible to have found such a peaceful space in a city known for its chaos and restlessness.

I thought you'd appreciate the quiet space : ] 

Much Love!! Lyd