Annual Family Croquet Tournament (no, I'm not kidding)

You heard it here, folks. The Stoll-Billings family is officially WASP(y) enough to have celebrated our 4th Annual Croquet Tournament yesterday.

Listen up, though. 
While at times it doesn't feel like it, we're really doing quite a bit more than just hitting heavy balls with wooden sticks. (Really, who decided this torturous activity was a "game" anyhow?)
We're (mostly) basking in the loveliness of sunshine, fresh family...I mean food, laughter, lemonade, and of course the hammock's cozy embrace. 

We're together. We're wacky. And we love it.
Get Jealous.


This year's Tournament Winner (proud chest, now)

This year's Tournament Winner (proud chest, now)

5x7 Folded Card
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I even bought a set of greeting cards because this family is so damn cute. Can ya blame me?