Tania Palermo:Really Doing It

So! There's this incredible woman who lives in Manchester, CT (nearby where I'm currently camping out with family) who started a photography/massage business very recently. Her name is Tania Palermo and she's one of the most open, loving, honest women I've had the pleasure to know. Her heart is HUGE. She has long-term dreams of turning her space into a community center for healing and art-making, among other things. 

Oh, and she's also my cousin. 

 I've had a blast this week hanging out on her front porch, drinking homemade limoncello, sharing art, inspirations, and cheeseburgers - you know, only the best things. 

Please visit her website: taniapalermo.com and Facebook Page to explore her work and to make an appointment for a BANGin' massage. 

She'll be at the Manchester Arts Association members show on June 27th from 6-8PM (MCC on Main). Don't miss it!