Twenty Two - Storyline

Ahh! Curse the amount of time that has passed since our last Twenty Two posts! So sorry, lovely readers. Tania and I (cough...mostly I) became overwhelmed and swamped with Holiday madness these past few weeks. But fear not, we have returned to bestow upon you gifts of photography and written goodness. 

We're starting a new theme this week, which I'm calling "Storyline". 
Instead of both of us photographing and thinking on a similar idea, we decided that one of us would shoot, present one image, and the other would think, write, and then shoot the following week based on that image. We'll continue to alternate back and forth between shooting and writing, eventually building the images together to create a (you got it) story! 

So, Tania! Here is my first photograph. Hopefully it's vague enough to serve as a jumping off point for you - I can already tell this Storyline thing is going to challenge us in several new ways, so hoorah!

Happy New Year, all. 

Twenty Two [Week 5 - Photo Walk]

Hey Tania!
Thanks for understanding my crazy week (a slight cold mixed with insane blizzard does not make for a great photo walk) and letting me post a few days late. 
I'll admit, my photo walk was not in the vein of our traditional walk - strolling slowly and stopping to notice beauty both minute and vast. I chose to bring my camera on my family's annual Christmas tree hunting adventure, which morphed into my "photo walk" for the week. 
I also had a hard time focusing on black and white elements, since everything was covered in snow and so everything seemed white. Maybe we can try this project again next week since you were struggling to brave the cold anyhow?

In any case, here are a few of my favorites from the hunt. We found a beautiful tree and frolicked through mounds of snow as we do each year. My dad (Uncle Scott) pointed out that there is a direct relationship between the temperature outside and the time we take to find a tree. "If it's 20 degrees outside, it'll take 20 minutes. If it's 40 degrees, 40 minutes." He couldn't be more right! We were all chilled and eager to hop back in the car. 
Today, we decorate! I'll include a photo or two in next week's post of the finished tree.

Much Wintery Love, Lyd