I teach photography because I'm committed to empowering creativity, self-expression, and pure UNBRIDLED joy on the planet!

For over 7 years now I've taught photography classes at NYC's own JP Teaches Photo. Together, with my partner JP, I run the business and train all of our teachers and assistants. Since the business was founded in 2009, we've taught over 40,000 students.

Our photography classes are designed for beginners and hobbyists. In fact, photographers of all levels have enjoyed our Beginner class. Even professional photographers who have taken our Beginner class have learned a new way of thinking about their cameras and, as a result, have been able to take their photography to the next level.


Learn intuitively, WITHOUT memorizing any technical jargon. 

Our curriculum is completely unique. Our students learn an intuitive way of using their cameras that doesn't require memorization. In fact, we believe that memorization gets in the way for most people when they’re learning how their cameras work. In our photography classes, students learn by doing rather than by memorizing.

"Best. Course. Ever. I loved the format and found it incredibly helpful.Yesterday morning I could barely turn on my camera, and by the afternoon, I was confident taking shots. I learned to manipulate settings to create the shot I wanted! Lydia was an excellent instructor and I will definitely be back for future classes. Bye-bye Auto-Mode :) " - Steve (student)

Let’s face it: Cameras are complicated. In that split second of time when you press the shutter button to take a picture, so many things happen all at once: aperture; shutter speed; ISO; white balance; focusing. They’re all inter-related. Learning what each one means, in isolation, is complicated enough. Trying to grasp how they all work together in that fraction of a second is, for most people, overwhelming.

Our NYC classes break it down so that you’ll learn how your camera works in bite-sized chunks.

Check out my students' images!

"Just what I was looking for! Lydia was an excellent instructor --very well-organized, engaging, entertaining & most importantly broke things down in a way that was easy to understand and remember. Best of all, we learned the fundamentals of different camera modes, how to understand which settings are used to capture different types of photos & considerations to make when deciding which mode to use-- so that I can pick up most cameras now & apply what I've learned, not just the one I was using." - Kat (student)