Things To Do When You Are Brain-Splittingly Bored

Have a 5-minute conversation with a stranger

Do jumping jacks


Sit outside in a well-populated area and tally people’s attributes; what colors are people wearing? How many people are wearing headphones? How many people are smiling?

Start a spontaneous, public dance party. If there’s no music make your own.

Cook a recipe you’ve never tried. Be vegan today.

Turn off all your devices with screens. Discover something in your space that’s more captivating than digital information.

Arrange small objects in a pattern that pleases you.

Give a friend advice (if they want it).

Practice whistling.

Communicate without speaking for an hour. No devices!

Spend an hour in a library.

Dye your hair. Get a piercing. Design a tattoo. (if you like it enough, go get tattooed)

Make a new friend but don’t exchange names. After 10 minutes ask for the 1st letter of their first name, then see if you can guess it in 3 tries (this is particularly fun on planes, trains, busses, etc.)

Stretch. Do yoga.

Write a song. Record it on someone’s voicemail or sing it live if they pick up.

Invent 3 questions more interesting than “How are you?” Ask 3 people all 3.

Give 10 people hugs (with their consent).

Hang out with someone under 10. Let them be the boss.

Ask someone on a date. Be totally fine with any answer.

Do math in your head. No paper or calculators.

Write/read poetry.

Eavesdrop (respectfully).

Eat something purple.

Pick up trash on the ground and take care of it.

Find a rooftop and howl at the sky. Feel that you’re simultaneously tiny and expansively loud.

Research the #1 hit songs from your birthday every year you’ve been alive. Listen to them all.


Take a walk and don’t step on any cracks.

Make up nonsense lyrics to a favorite song.

Call someone you love and ask how you can make their day better. Do what they say.

Use public transportation but get off at a totally unfamiliar stop or station. Explore.

Take 10 deep breaths.

Braid someone’s hair.

Ask the next person you see what they’re most excited about today. Celebrate whatever that is.

Discover that being bored is boring.