Sacred Space

Some of you know, and some don't - Neil and I got engaged on New Year's Eve : ] 
We've been together for almost 2 years, and living together for over 1. Conversations about marriage have been a part of our relationship since the beginning, and at midnight on 1/1/17 he shocked the hell out of me with a gorgeous ring and a request to get married. 
I said yes. Duh.

Discovering engagement is exciting. I feel we're connected in a new way - an elevated way. More adult. More mature. I know it doesn't mean anything inherently, but I can sense a shift.

Recently I've begun incorporating Lydia Time into my calendar. That means for 1 hour every day, I do whatever I want. Whatever comes to me, strikes me, inspires me. Some days it's drinking tea on the couch. Some days it's meditating. Some days it's cooking. Some days it's napping. Some days it's conversations on the phone with people I love. Sometimes it's all the above.

This morning, during Lydia time, Neil encouraged me to create a little "sacred Lydia space" in our home, so I made this: 

I sat for a few moments on the couch with my coffee, enjoying the new spot. 
Then I got up and made portraits of him.